A letter from Mr. Cole - LenAire

Alan H. Cole
Re: LenAire

I am writing this letter not because I don’t have other things to do, but because; I feel it’s worth taking the time to inform other consumers of a great company that I have had the pleasure of dealing with; LenAire.

LenAire doesn’t just write the words that the consumer business is appreciated, they demonstrate it from day one throughout their service process. They truly demonstrate that the consumer is their priority.

I would like to personally say thanks to a very professional group of individuals that made my life a little easier in dealing with, LenAire reminded me of when we had live telephone operators versus automated answering service.

My exposure to LenAire started with visiting their office on Shed Road in Bossier City. This was after reviewing their BBB rating, and customer reviews, along with reading their customer commitment. In total, I spent 2 days reviewing potential companies that could service/check out my air condition system that I had faith. After my reviews of online companies, I selected to visit the LenAire office.

On Tuesday, March 27, 2018; I visited LenAire and a young lady by the name of Jillian introduced herself and ask how she could help. I explained the issue I were having with my system. Jillian was; polite, and knowledgeable, and had no problem in consulting with her co-workers on any questions that she wanted to make sure she was communicating accurately. She reviewed various options available to assist me in making the most beneficial approach in my decision-making. In matter of fact; rather then just having LenAire, Inc. to address the problem at hand I decided to sign up for LenAire’s Service Partner Plan. Jillian checked the schedule and lined up a Technician visit to evaluate the issue with my system.

On Wednesday, March 28, 2018; Brandon Koglin, Technician arrived at my place of residence. Once again it noted that I’m dealing with a professional and knowledgeable individual that have my interest in mind. Brandon checked my system, taking notes, data, and pictures to deliver a well precise overview on my system with areas that required addressing and proposed remedies. He was very thorough in his overview. In essence, he provided facts for me to make the best workable decision based on costs. Brandon took the time to completely review his evaluation, along with the data he collected. He wanted to make sure that he had answered any and all questions. I made the decision to replace my 12-year-old system with a new Amana Central Air Condition. Brandon immediately started the process to ensure unit, parts, and team availability were in place before making installation commitments. Once he completed this process via phone; he establishes the Installed date for Thursday.

On Thursday, March 29, 2018; the Field Team arrived; Jeremiah, Ryan, and Reginald, I would personally refer to these individuals as the “A Team”. These gentlemen were knowledgeable, well-trained, and organized with a game plan. I was impressed with the expertise and work ethic of these individuals. The best way I can describe this team is that they worked like a fine tune watch while completing this system installation. My biggest judging factors are; quality of workmanship and housekeeping. Again, - overall these individuals met the grade and for this, I so appreciate and am thankful!

Although, I didn’t highlight at the beginning of each paragraph update; I was presented with the scheduled arrival of who and when a representative would be arriving my home via email

I personally would like to thank everyone at LenAire, for addressing and perfecting what a lot of companies and businesses have taken for granted. I would highly recommend this company for Air Conditioning and Heating needs.


Alan H. Cole