Stay Cool on World Environment Day with These Energy Efficient Tips

Stay Cool on World Environment Day with These Energy Efficient Tips


World Environment Day is an annual event that seeks to boost global awareness and response to fixing environmental problems so we can preserve our Earth’s resources. What better month to host such an important event than the beautiful month of June? In observance of this important day, we’d like to share some energy friendly tips, for Air Conditioning optimization, that you can implement in your own home easily!

Keep the Heat Away and Your Home Cool

During the hot summer months, it can be tricky regulating your home’s temperature while also staying energy efficient. Try these helpful tips to cool your home and keep the heat away:

  • keepheatawayPlacing shade trees around your hard outdoor surfaces and outside of windowed areas will help block and absorb the amount of heat in and around your home. Trees will also keep things cooler by producing more cooling breezes.
  • During the hotter points of the day, be sure to keep your home’s blinds or curtains closed; doing this will reflect heat from your home.
  • Fans can be your best friend during the summer heat. Maximize your ceiling fans potential by making sure they are rotating counter-clockwise; and if you’re using portable or rotating fans, be sure to direct them towards where you’ll be within the room.

Conserve and Maintain Your Body Temperature

maintainbodytemperatureWhen your body’s temperature is properly regulated, it doesn’t require much outside assistance like fans or A/C to stay cool.

In order to maintain body temperature levels where they should be, hydrate regularly with cold water. It’s recommended that the average person drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.

When you’re properly hydrated, you won’t feel the need to lower the thermostat too much and can conserve more energy.

Prevent Air Leakage and Keep the Cool Air In

There’s nothing worse than running your air conditioning or house fans to cool your home and all of the cooled air escaping outdoors. Not only will an improperly sealed home cost you more money in heating and cooling efforts, but it will also reduce your home’s air comfort level.

Take the following steps to make sure your home is correctly sealed and ready to be energy efficient:

  • preventairleakageWeatherstrip and doors leading into or out of attics, basements, or outdoors.
  • Caulk and small gaps and use foam to plug medium-sized gaps.
  • Install more energy-efficient windows that have appropriate caulking and weatherstripping.
  • Keep doors and windows shut during the hotter hours and when the A/C is running.
  • Make sure any gaps or holes around chimneys are filled and close their flues.
  • Make sure your recessed lighting is insulated and does not allow air to escape outside or into the attic.
  • Ensure your attic and basement are properly insulated.

With rising energy costs and the ever-growing importance of protecting our environment, taking steps to be as energy efficient as possible is crucial; but conserving energy doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort! Help your friends and family beat the heat this summer by sharing these helpful energy efficient tips with them. At LenAire, Inc. we know that together, we can all make a difference for World Environment Day!