Test Your Heaters Before They Test You

Test Your Heaters Before They Test You

Summer’s coming to a close and the beautiful fall months are ahead. Time to whip out the sweaters and stock up on the hot chocolate. But most important of all, make sure your heater is in full working order. Suddenly the cold is not so beautiful when it’s sitting in your living room.

Be on the lookout for heating malfunctions, you don’t want the dropping temperatures outside your home to be inside. It is important to prevent a heater emergency before it becomes a dangerous issue.

Look Out for Thermostat Problems

Is your heater not working like it’s supposed to be? Start with the thermostat! It could easily be a thermostat issue, rather than a heater issue.

While we recommend having an electrician inspect your thermostat for malfunctions, there are a few things you can do superficially to ensure any heating issues are not coming from your thermostat.

Always make sure the settings are set correctly. It is recommended to set your indoor temperatures 5 degrees higher or 5 degrees lower than your normal setting, depending on the season. Playing with the temperature excessively can damage your HVAC system. Ensure that it is set to “heat,” or “cool,” and that it is doing just that.

You can also remove the cover of the thermostat gently, and inspect if any wires are loose or out of place. If the issue is simple enough to reattach wires or screw them back in place, try it. If the problem seems a little more complex, leave it to a professional.

Check the Circuit Breaker

A common reason why heaters stop working in a home is if the circuit breaker has interrupted the flow of electricity to your system. This happens when a sudden surge or short circuit occurs, and the circuit breaker has detected a failure.

circuitbreakerHow to know your circuit breaker interfered with your heating:

  • There’s a burning smell in the electrical panel.
  • The switch will not turn back on.
  • It simply looks very old

If you see that the switch for your heater has turned ‘off,’ simply push it all the way off and then switch it back to the ‘on’ position. That should be enough for a system reset.

If your breaker keeps tripping and refusing to reset, try unloading the number of appliances you have plugged into that current. If that still doesn’t work, we recommend having an electrician inspect the problem.

THIS CAN BE DANGEROUS, don’t get adventurous.

Could It Be a Blown Fuse?

Older homes might have a fuse box rather than a circuit box, but the rules still apply. These are usually located outside of the home in a garage space, or basement. If you live in an area that floods frequently, ensure your fuse box will not be affected by possible water damage.

How to identify a blown fuse:

  • Burns on the panel.
  • A broken metal line.
  • Cloudy glass top.
  • Melted wires.

blownfuseAlways replace fuses with their proper burning type, and ensure you have a variety of fuses on hand in case you have an emergency. If upon replacing the blown fuse there is no change to your heating system, it may be time to turn to the pros.

If tending to any of the aforementioned problems doesn’t help identify your heating issue, that’s where we come in. At LenAire, Inc., we provide heating repair and replacement services year-round. Don’t wait until your home becomes an igloo, call us today!

Appreciate the Life Lessons Mom Gave You this May



Mother’s Day is here again and with it comes the opportunity to reflect on the great advice that your mother gave and the many sacrifices that she made over the years. Mother’s Day is a chance to show some gratitude to your mom and to give her a few moments to relax and be celebrated.

For the moms out there, we know how tirelessly you work for your families and children. It can be exhausting, but you’re doing great. Keep up the good work! As you grow up, you realize that so many things that your mother told you – over and over again – were exactly right.

This is especially true when it comes to maintaining your house and your HVAC system. Heeding your mother’s advice can help keep your HVAC system running smoothly and your home’s air quality high.

No Fire!

dontdothatMama said, “no playing with fire.” She was right, and this is important for keeping your house safe and your air clean. But as adults, many of us get a little overconfident and think we can handle fire in and around the house.

The truth is, burning things indoors, in the yard, or near the house can put dangerous fumes in the air that’s being circulated throughout your home. Take mom’s advice and eliminate these risks by not playing with fire in or around your house.

Your Mother’s Garden

gardeningWhose mom loved all things flowers and plants? It seems to come with the territory and most do! Once again, mom knew what she was doing. A garden, house plants and flowers are a great way to help keep the air in your home clean.

Not only is this good for your health, it’s also good for your HVAC system as it keeps the filter from working so hard.

So, channel your mother’s obsession and fill your home with house plants, plant a garden and make sure that your home and yard are greener than ever.

Vacuum That Floor!

vacuumfloorWe’ve all heard this one from mom, especially if you grew up with pets in the house. No one liked being stuck with this chore as a kid, and frankly, most of us don’t like to be stuck with it as an adult. But alas, once again, mom was right.

Vacuuming regularly helps keep pollutants and allergens out of your home. It might not be fun, but it’s good for your air quality and takes some pressure off of your HVAC system. So, listen to mom and vacuum that floor.

This Mother’s Day hug your mom and all the mother figures in your life that gave you years of great advice. They were right in many ways, especially when it comes to keeping your air clean and your HVAC system running smoothly.

Make Those Special Moments Count With a Working HVAC System

Make Those Special Moments Count With a Working HVAC System


Summers are full of crackling BBQs, delicious food and warm family fun. Winters can be a bit dreary and often secluded as well. This winter, do yourself a favor and have family over to rekindle that summer fun. Fire up a George Foreman, grill up some burgers and hot dogs and bring the summer fun right to your kitchen.

Just make sure you have a good working HVAC system before you send out the invites to your fun get together. That way you can all be comfortable while spending time together - as there’s nothing worse than enjoying a family get-together with freezing and uncomfortable temperatures in your home.

Turn Down The Temperature With Central HVAC

centralhvacWe know it's winter, we know it's cold, but we also know that it's Louisianna, and warm temperatures could come at any time!

That comfortable family gathering could quickly be spoiled by too much heat. That's why a Central HVAC system is so nice to have.

When the heat from all that indoor cooking makes your home uncomfortably warm, it will kick on and cool things off for you. Before you know it you'll be feeling good again and ready to make dessert!

Heating Services Are Your Backup Plan

heatingservicesGood reliable machines are so hard to find. The trouble with something like an HVAC system is that it doesn't really care about you. It's a machine without feeling or emotion.

It will gladly destroy your BBQ by shorting out and refusing to work for the whole day. That's why you need a backup plan. When your system refuses to help you out we'll back you with our heating services.

We're offering loyal repair services and speedy help even during those inconvenient occasions. We'll make sure you get the help you need so you can keep being nice and comfortable.

Show Your Love With an AC Filter Change

acfilterIf you aren't feeling the love from your HVAC system maybe it's because it feels neglected. Show just how much you care with regular AC filter changes.

This simple act is one of the best ways to protect your system and to keep a working HVAC system for many years. Swap filters on a monthly basis, or as often as indicated by your system and the filters you're using.

You'll keep your air cleaner and you'll protect your system from damaging particles and overheating. Let's go back to that nice warm BBQ in your kitchen. It's a lovely day to spend time with family, and it's even lovelier thanks to your working HVAC system.

With all stories and humor aside, we really are dedicated to making all your occasion a bit more comfortable. Call us at (318) 936-2296 if you run into any trouble and we'll help solve your problems. We're committed to comfort and to help our customers no matter the occasion.

How to Cut HVAC Costs With Green Initiatives

How to Cut HVAC Costs With Green Initiatives


There’s nothing comparable to getting home after a long day, and being able to relax with comfortable and convenient temperature control. The one way to make it better would be to add some savings to the mix. With more and more homeowners looking for ways to keep costs down, one big one can start with the way you heat and cool your home.

The push to go green in the heating and cooling industry has spawned many alternatives that keep temperatures comfortable while still keeping the environmental impact low. Read on to learn some helpful tips you can start implementing in your daily routine to enjoy

How to Start Your Energy Conservation Movement

energyconservationIn many cases, going green can sometimes be higher in cost, but when it comes to your heating and cooling systems it doesn’t have to be. One easy way to start making a difference is simply setting your HVAC system to a higher temperature when you’re not home.

This cuts down on the energy usage in your home, which translates into monthly savings, and also helps limit your environmental footprint. While most homeowners can easily do this with your current thermostat, you can also upgrade to a programmable unit that makes the entire process simpler.

Another way to help go green is with washable air filters. Many people think that air filters are recyclable because they’re made of paper, but that’s not always the case. Some filters have metal mesh and other minerals and chemicals that make them unfit for recycling. With a washable filter, you can reuse your same filter, cutting down on the cost for a replacement and also improving the performance in your HVAC system.

Why Your Energy Cost Matters

energycostAn important step to starting any environmentally friendly process in your home is taking a baseline of what your energy cost is now.

If you see spikes in energy consumption, it could be an indication that your heating and cooling systems are not working as efficiently as possible.

When you conserve energy, you’re actually saving on your monthly utility bills. In addition to those monthly savings, you’re also extending the lifespan of your HVAC unit. This makes green initiatives a win, win for your home and the environment.

Considering Alternative Energy?

For those that are looking to take their green initiatives to the next level, one easy step is with alternative energy sources for your heating and cooling. Some common examples include:

  • Solar powered HVAC.
  • Geothermal systems.
  • Radiant heating.
  • Ductless Mini Split AC systems.

All of these systems either harness their energy from alternative sources like the sun or the earth and create a more energy efficient system.

Tips For an Effective HVAC System

effectivehvacWhile larger green initiatives can seem overwhelming, there are a few things you can do around the house that will improve your energy efficiency and the environment.

As mentioned before, setting your AC at a higher temperature when you’re not home is a good way to start. Also, consider regular air duct cleanings and inspections to ensure your home is distributing air as efficiently as possible.

Being environmentally conscious is not only good for the earth but also it can help you save on all your monthly costs. Be sure to make some improvements in your own home, and help your friends do the same!

Save Money on Your Heating Bill This Winter With These Tips!

Save Money on Your Heating Bill This Winter With These Tips!


In Louisiana, we don’t often see snow--it is more like melty slush. Our winters aren’t exactly known for being the picturesque snowy mountains in Colorado or the frozen ice rinks in New York. It might be nice to think about those things, but we wouldn’t want it like that anyway.

We like our first ‘cold snap’ of 60-degree weather to consist of chicken and sausage gumbo or maybe some crawfish etouffee. Many people head to the deer camp for their harvest of the year, while others simply enjoy being with family.

Usually, by mid-December, we will finally start to feel consistently cold weather and be able to use our fireplaces. Once this happens, you can just about guarantee that your heating bill will increase. We have a few pointers on how to save a bit of money this year--keep reading for more information!

Finding The Perfect Balance Between Cost & Comfort

temperatureIt can be tempting to crank your heater up to 78 degrees when the temperatures outside dip lower than normal. Most people that live in Louisiana enjoy warmer weather--the fact that our cold is ‘wet cold’ means that you’re likely to stay chilled to the bone.

This isn’t the best idea and will definitely end up costing you some money. Instead of setting your thermostat at 78, consider setting it at 76 and slowly lowering it over a period of days or a week.

The goal is for the temperature to be set around 70-72 degrees during the day. At night, before you go to bed, take a minute to lower the heater to around 68. Curl up under your warmest blanket to combat any chill you may feel.

Upgrade The Thermostat to Save Even More

Your HVAC system will last 10-15 years, but it doesn’t mean your thermostat should. If you are still using a mechanical thermostat it is definitely time to upgrade to something different. There are several types of thermostats on the market, but the three most popular types include:

  • thermostatDigital- these thermostats allow you to see a digital readout of what the temperature is. You can set them so that the heater comes on if the temperature reaches a certain minimum or that the AC turns on if it gets too hot
  • Programmable- similar to digital thermostats, these devices have a few additional capabilities. You can program your thermostat to automatically lower the temperature at a certain time of day when you’re not there, or have it turn up the heat right before you get home
  • Smart- the next step up from a programmable thermostat is a ‘smart’ one. These units are programmable but also can be controlled by your smartphone and will learn your behavior and schedule. These thermostats can also send you monthly energy reports to prepare you for what you might spend and show you how efficient your system is

Paying Less For Energy

billsOverly cold weather can cause your electric bill to skyrocket if you’re not careful. Finding a happy medium between comfort and cost when it comes to the temperature of your home is a great first step.

Upgrading your thermostat is also a fantastic option. What you shouldn’t forget about is the actual heating unit.

By calling LenAire, Inc for an annual tune-up and inspection, you can be sure that your heater is running as efficiently as possible and lessen the likelihood of a mid-winter breakdown. Do you have a money-saving winter tip that you swear by? Share it in the comments!